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Dear Senior Pastor,

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for your interest in the Prayer Revival / Prayer Revival Weekend. God’s central desire and definition for the local church is that it be known as a “house of prayer.” Our goal is to move individuals and churches toward God’s ideal through plain preaching, teaching and times of prayer implementation. 

This Prayer Revival section should answer any questions you may have about this event. A proposed schedule is included. Should circumstances dictate, we may be able to alter the schedule to accommodate your particular situation.

Debbie and I travel together in our travel trailer. All we will need is a suitable place to park the travel trailer with a 30 or 50 amp electric hook-up and water connection.

Regarding financial arrangements, we ask the sponsoring church to provide a pro-rated travel expense in advance and receive a love offering in all services for Christ Life Ministries.

Please feel free to call with any questions. I do look forward to working with you in this worthy endeavor.

Every blessing!

Your Servant for Revival,

Harold Vaughan


Financial Policy

We ask the sponsoring church to provide a pro-rated travel expense ($495 for Prayer Revivals within a 300 mile radius of Roanoke, VA) in advance. When farther from Roanoke, Harold will fly instead of bringing travel trailer. This will be customized a customized travel expense situation.

We make no demands, but ask that love offerings be received for our ministry utilizing our envelopes. These envelopes let the people understand what they are giving to. Any checks should be written to the Local Church. One check should be written at the end of the Prayer Revival to Christ Life Ministries. These love offerings go entirely to Christ Life Ministries. Please let me know if this procedure is acceptable.

Where to Conduct the Prayer Revival

The Prayer Revival is designed for the participation of the entire church during all the evening and Sunday morning services. Most likely the auditorium will be the best setting for these times. Depending on the number of people in Saturday morning sessions (during the Prayer Revival Weekend), it may prove helpful to set up a classroom style setting in the fellowship hall or other appropriate setting.

Items Needed

  • PowerPoint Capabilities 
  • Two Large tables for books and materials
  • Microphone at floor level for testimonies

Recommended Order of Services

Since this is a Prayer Revival it might be helpful to abbreviate any evening services. The suggested preliminaries could be limited to twenty minutes or less.

  • Rousing opening song or Choir Special
  • Welcome and prayer
  • Congregational songs
  • Offering for Christ Life Ministries
  • Message
  • Implementation


When distance permits, my wife and I come together and stay in our travel trailer. All that is needed is a water hookup and electricity. Our trailer requires a 30 or 50 amp R.V. hookup. The plug needs to be within 40 feet of the rear of the trailer. The electric breaker, appropriate wire, and R.V. plug can be obtained at an electrical store and should be installed by an electrician who understands R.V. electrical needs.

50 AMP Receptacle

30 AMP Receptacle

When I fly in, I need to stay in a “newer” hotel. Since I have chronic sinusitis, the room must be clean and free of dust and smoke. I have found that Marriott® brand hotels normally have the best air quality for my condition. Please, let me know in advance if hotel accommodations are not possible.


When bringing our travel trailer, we will take all our meals there. We would love to have Sunday lunch and perhaps some select meals with the pastor. Some churches elect to give funds for groceries during the Prayer Revival.

Biographical Sketch

HAROLD VAUGHAN: Harold is an evangelist who is involved in full-time revival ministry. His preaching ministry has taken him to forty-eight States and numerous foreign countries. Revival in individual lives and the corporate life of the church is the dominant burden of his heart.

Harold is the founder of Christ Life Ministries. C.L.M. sponsors Prayer Advances for Men, Ladies, Students, and Couples. The ministry also publishes books and materials.


Passionate Pulpit Announcements

  • Utilize PowerPoint® slides.
  • Share the need for prayer and revival.
  • Impress upon the congregation how this will benefit them.
  • Emphasize that the Prayer Revival is for the entire church. Consider having the choir open the services with a lively song.

Preach on the Need of Personally Drawing Close to God

  • Make the prayer revival the climax to a month-long emphasis on the subject of prayer.
  • The Prayer Revival is designed to help those who struggle in their prayer lives, not just those who are consistent.
  • Consider distributing a book on prayer that has ministered to your own heart. We have suggestions for books if you need ideas.
  • We will provide you a 60 day prayer plan for use in preparation of your church. 

Pointed Promotions

  • Social Media announcements, events, posts and ads
  • PowerPoint® Announcements
  • Personal invitations cards
  • Bulletin inserts and announcements
  • Have a special insert from the Pastor about the Prayer Revival 
  • Encourage people to read through the Model Prayer every day during the week leading up to the Prayer Revival
  • Posters
  • Email and Snail mail letters to all church families
  • Invite area churches to participate

Personal Testimonies

Have people from the congregation who have strong prayer lives share specific answers to prayer and the change God has brought to their lives.

Plead for Total Church Involvement

Encourage every member to attend each evening and all Sunday services.

Have a designated table staffed with an enthusiastic person[s] to enroll your people for the various sessions. Consider providing a sign-up sheet for these sessions so you will know how to plan.


Prayer Revival Booklet

  • Coming Soon


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