Iron Man Conference

What is an Iron Man Conference?

If you want a harvest in 3 months grow squash. If you want a harvest in 25 years grow trees. But if you want a harvest that spans eternity grow MEN! God calls men to leadership in the home and church. The IRON MAN Conference is a deliberate mission to encourage, inspire, and empower men to fulfill their God-given assignments.

When you go after children you reach children. When you reach out to women you reach women. But when you go after men, you reach men, women, and children.

Ministry directed to men is rare, and what little there is consist largely in ever taxiing down the runway, but never getting airborne. Lift-off comes when a man is Spirit-filled, and only then is he equipped for service.

Developing strong male leadership in a feminized society will never happen by accident. It will be the result of intentional focus dedicated to this specific aim.  Since the Scriptures put such emphasis on male leadership, churches must deliberate in going after the men

The Men’s Conference with Harold Vaughan is an intensified effort to call men to assume their God-given roles in this generation.

Sample Schedule

Friday 7:00pm Area-wide Men’s Rally (invite area churches)
Saturday 8:30am Donuts & Coffee
9:00am Session
10:30am Session
Noon Lunch
 Sunday 11:00am Morning Worship
6:00pm Evening Service

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