Men’s Prayer Advance Virtual Showcase

Welcome To The 2024 Men's Prayer Advance

We are so glad you have joined us for the Virtual 2024 Men's Prayer Advance!

As with anything dealing with the internet, issues could come up with the livestream. In the event you lose the livestream, please wait a few minutes and try again. We will make every effort to get the interrupted video posted as soon as possible.


Session 1 -Dean Miller (Thursday - 1:30pm)




Session 2 - Dave Earley (Thursday - 3:45pm)




Session 3 - Harold Vaughan (Thursday 6:55pm)




Session 4 - Dave Earley(Friday - 8:45am)




Sweet Hour Of Prayer (Friday - 10:45am)




Session 5 - Dean Miller (Friday - 2:00pm)




Session 6 - Dean Miller (Friday - 3:45pm)



Session 7 - Dean Miller (Friday 7:00pm)




Session 8 - Dave Earley (Saturday - 8:45am)




Session 9 - Dean Miller (Saturday - 10:15am)