Prayer Summit

What is a Prayer Summit?

The Prayer Summit is designed to help Christians enter into a consistent, daily, and meaningful prayer life. Messages are linked with a "hands on" approach where participants are directed to make real what they have learned through designated times of prayer. The Summit is not directed to victorious Christians, but toward those who realize they need real "help" in this matter of prayer.

The Prayer Summit is conducted "in" and "for" the local church. Evangelist Harold Vaughan is the featured speaker.

What is the Schedule Like?

Option 1 (Prayer Summit) Sample Schedule:


  • Morning Service
  • Sweet Hour of Prayer (1 hour prior to the evening service)
  • Evening Service (Message/Testimonies/Prayer Time)


  • 7:00 pm Church-wide Service/Message
  • TBD Implementation Prayer Time

Option 2 (Prayer Summit Weekend) Sample Schedule:


  • 7:00 pm Church-wide Service/Message
  • TBD Implementation Prayer Time


  • 8:30-9:00 am Coffee / Donuts
  • 9:00-9:45 Workshop
  • 10:00 Directed Individual Prayer Time
  • 11:00 Testimonies


  • Morning Service
  • Evening Service (Message/Testimonies/Prayer Time)

How to Schedule for Your Church

Phone: (540) 890-6100
Email: [email protected]

Prayer Summit Details for Pastors

Where to Conduct the Prayer Summit

The Prayer Summit is design for the participation of the entire church during all the evening and Sunday morning services. Most likely the auditorium will be the best setting for these times. Depending on the number of people in Saturday morning sessions (during the Prayer Summit Weekend), it may prove helpful to set up a classroom style setting in the fellowship hall or other appropriate setting.

Financial Policy

We ask the sponsoring church to provide a pro-rated travel expense ($495 for Prayer Summits within a 300 mile radius of Roanoke, VA) in advance. We make no demands, but ask that love offerings be received for our ministry utilizing our envelopes. These envelopes let the people understand what they are giving to. Any checks should be written to the Local Church. One check should be written at the end of the Prayer Summit to Christ Life Ministries. These love offerings go entirely to Christ Life Ministries.

Preparation Materials

Pastors, looking for materials to aid in your preparation for an upcoming Prayer Summit? CLICK HERE for more information.