Church Revitalization Day

Our Speakers

Dan Hawtree


Joe Shakour

Harold Vaughan


Hey Pastor,

Are you desiring increased effectiveness in reaching your community? Are you longing to see more people saved, discipled, and serving in your local church? Are you hungry to be used of God? Do you need practical ideas on how to REVITALIZE your church?

Dan Hawtree is the pastor of Kerwin Baptist Church. Joe Shakour pastors the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Wilson, NC. Both of these men have taken declining churches and seen their congregations transformed! They have wisdom to “lead through change” in the local church. Together with their staff, Nathan Tabor and myself, a CHURCH REVITALIZATION DAY video series was produced covering many of the topics listed below. Watch the CHURCH REVITALIZATION DAY VIDEO SERIES playlist on YouTube.

This video series is dedicated to assist pastors with practical ideas, and necessary changes, to bring life back into their churches. Watch these videos with your staff and key men to receive instruction and inspiration. A special CHURCH REVITALIZATION TRACK will be available at the MEN'S PRAYER ADVANCE for those wanting to learn more on this topic. Make your plans to attend now.


Harold Vaughan

Topics To Be Covered:

  • Creative Gospel Strategies
  • Thinking OUTSIDE the box to get people INSIDE your church
  • Vision Casting and Implementation
  • Vision Sunday/Ministry Fair
  • Revitalized Preaching
  • Revitalizing the Preacher
  • Building Leadership/Deacons
  • Updating Your Buildings
  • Revitalized Staff
  • Life-giving Worship
  • Connecting and Communicating with the younger generation
  • Your Ministry and Social Media