The Duties of Parents


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J.C. Ryle

ISBN-10: 0-94288917-7

One of the most demanding (and rewarding) positions a person may find themselves in is that of a parent. Unfortunately, few prepare for this great responsibility, even though it is a major part of one’s life. J.C. Ryle comes to our aid once again, with sound Biblical advice to aid in this daunting task.

Originally published in the 19th century, this short book contains 17 nuggets of wisdom for training children. You could easily read the entire book in a single evening. Or for those who are pressed for time, keep it handy, and read a chapter anytime you have a spare minute.

The principles which are outlined in this book are not quick fixes. Parenting is hard work, but if you will apply these principles which are mentioned, your children will be prepared for a lifetime.

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