Iron Man Conference Planning & Resources

Dear Pastor,

Your interest in developing godly men is to be commended. The IRON MAN Conference is designed to inspire, instruct, inspect, and equip men to excel in their God-given roles. Prayer, planning, and preparation are absolutely essential for an effective event. The following material is provided to assist you in your preparation for the IRON MAN Conference.


Every message will be focused around themes like: A Man and His God; A Man and His Marriage; A Man and His Family; A Man and His Church; A Man and His Mission. Books and materials will be available for purchase during the conference.


Our media pack includes Power Points, printable posters and postcards, flyers, etc. You can personalize the materials for your event. One resource for professional printing of the postcards is: GotPrint is EXTREMELY affordable and very professional!

Social media is also an excellent way to communicate to this generation via:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


You should lay out a strategy to promote this event several months in advance. Postcard mailings to men within your church and other local churches should be done at least 90 days prior to the event. Subsequent mailings would be helpful.

Personal letters to pastors along with one of the postcards as well as personal phone calls will help generate interest.

Plan a Facebook/Twitter announcement and post it numerous times for the maximum impact.

Power Point presentations during church services along with a LIVELY testimony/quip are also effective.

Posters should be placed around the campus; especially in the Men’s Restroom.

Make a big deal out of the Friday night rally for area churches and do everything in your power to arouse enthusiasm among your men for the Saturday sessions.


Music is a very important part for an effective Men’s Conference. Men respond to energetic, marching-style songs. Those of you who have attended a Men’s Prayer Advance appreciate the explosive worship atmosphere at these events.

I encourage you to consider bringing in an EXCELLENT piano player who can play by ear and transition from song to song without being bound to notes. The atmosphere generated in the song service has a SIGNIFICANT impact on the preaching service. Adequate effort and expense needs to be invested to obtain the maximum impact.

Financial Policy

We ask the sponsoring church to provide a pro-rated travel expense ($495 for IRON MAN Conferences within a 300 mile radius of Roanoke, VA) in advance. We make no demands, but ask churches to remember we have an office staff, an office building, as well as ministry expenses in addition to personal needs.

We can provide you with Offering Envelopes that explain the needs. These envelopes let the people understand what they are giving to. The offering in its entirety goes to CHRIST LIFE MINISTRIES. Any checks should be written to the Local Church. One check should be written at the end of the IRON MAN Conference to Christ Life Ministries.


When distance permits, my wife and I come together and stay in our travel trailer.  All that is needed is a water hookup and electricity. Our trailer requires a 30 or 50 amp R.V. hookup. The plug needs to be within 40 feet of the rear of the trailer. The electric breaker, appropriate wire, and R.V. plug can be obtained at an electrical store and should be installed by an electrician who understands R.V. electrical needs.

When I fly in, I need to stay in a “newer” hotel. Since I have chronic sinusitis, the room must be clean and free of dust and smoke. I have found that Marriott® brand hotels normally have the best air quality for my condition. Please, let me know in advance if hotel accommodations are not possible.

Essential Items

  • Two 8-10 ft. tables for books and displays
  • Microphone and stand on floor for potential testimonies
  • Power Point

Essential Personnel

  • Capable sound technician available at least 40 minutes before the service
  • Warm and friendly greeters to welcome every man as they enter the building
  • Food preparers for donuts, coffee breaks, and whatever other food you elect to provide

Note to the Pastor

The investment you make in the IRON MAN Conference will help determine the results. You are encouraged to “pull out all the stops” as you pray, plan, prepare, and promote this conference. Feel free to contact me directly with any concerns or questions you might have.

Harold Vaughan
Cell # 540-797-6251

Below, you will find a kit that contains pre-designed posters, postcards, and a Powerpoint slide to market your event. All are customizable simply by clicking on and editing the text. You will also see a link for the "Iron Man Booklet". You will need to print out one booklet for each conference participant. If you have any issues, or desire assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.