You Might Be A Pharisee If…

You are glad you are better than others. Your prayers are more like “self-talk” than speaking with God. Your sins seem so small when placed beside the really BIG sins of others. You rationalize that Christians who don’t agree with you are all “compromisers.” You routinely dismiss anyone who would dare to point out a “blind spot.” You verbally rip apart the people who disagree with you. You

Calling The Church Back To The Men

For years we have called men back to church. The time has come to call the church back to the men! I was raised in a liberal denomination, saved via a para-church organization, and finally made my way into a Bible-believing church. Having observed first-hand a vast spectrum of Christianity, I feel it is fair to say that a lot of men simply are not at ease in church for a number of reasons. Not only

Debt And The Judgment Of God

$8,392,894,446,880 and Counting! Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34). America is a blessed nation. God has honored America because our nation has honored God. Though far from perfect, America has an undeniable Christian heritage, and has consequently been exalted as a nation. We often hear talk about “favored nation status” as it relates to the

Obesity: A National And Spiritual Crisis

The Road to Sodom One study stated that the majority of Americans are obese. This is not unique to our nation; they tell us obesity is a problem throughout Western civilization. Self indulgence and over indulgence are indications of a deeper, more fundamental problem. Ezekiel tells us that overeating was an issue in Sodom. Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread,


You may remember the Catholics and Evangelicals Together document that made headlines a few years back. Since it was penned, we have witnessed the acceleration of the absorption of what is now called “evangelicalism” into religion of Rome. Hence, the term Evangelics that describes those who seek to amalgamate two irreconcilable systems. Of course, Cathogelicals, sounds better, but the truth is Catholics


Our culture demands convenience Christianity. We want it short, simple, fast and cheap. The McBible does not have the tedious 66 books, but just a few with short sentences and simple words at the fifth grade level. There are numerous pictures and some pages ruled with lines so that you can add your own spiritual thoughts, just in case you get a new revelation. The McWorship service is all sweetness

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